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Black & White

Awesome game Black & White has been added!
Again I forgot to mention it over here. Too many places to update it \":p\"

Latis · 24-01-2014 [21:53 CET] 

Anno 2014

I've addded Anno 1602 - Creation of a New World. I totally forgot to mention it over here. \":D\"

And a thanks to Brian for donating. Much appreciated! \"^O^\"

Latis · 21-01-2014 [09:37 CET] 

Putt-Putt in deadlock

I've added a bunch of Putt-Putt games to complete that series. I'm not going to put the links here in the news flash.
The link I will put here is for Deadlock - Planetary Conquest a pretty neat Simcity + destroy your opponents kind of game.
I didn't get the hang of it yet. When there is about to be an uprising in your city, I have no clue what do...
Anyway, have fun!

Latis · 16-01-2014 [12:19 CET] 
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