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and back..

Hello everyone, I'm back from my holidays (part 1 \":D\" )

I would like to thank all ppl who donated the last 14 days! Quite a lot to be honest. Thanks! \"^O^\"

I've added a video for Airfix Dogfighter on YouTube. I forgot to upload that one before I left on holidays...


Latis · 23-07-2014 [22:03 CET] 

dogfights in da house

Airfix: Dogfighter was added. Pretty fun game to play!

Latis · 03-07-2014 [10:08 CET] 

Great games

Some great games were recently added! Army Men, Vietnam: Black Ops 2, 3-D Ultra Lionel Train Town Deluxe amd....The Elder Scrolls 3 - Morrowind

Next to that I would like to thanks David for his donation. \"^O^\"

Latis · 30-06-2014 [21:11 CET] 
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