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Forgot to update the donors for a while. So here is a list of people I would like to thanks for donating!
Danielle, Christopher, Jesse, Bandar, Angelo, Torben, Parthiv, William, Kristaps and Rodrigo. \"^O^\"
and a special thanks to Engineering and Computer Works from Singapore for donating $20! ^^

Next to all this I've been adding Youtube videos to a lot of games. Too many to mention.

Latis · 17-12-2014 [22:48 CET] 


I've done some updated on several games, added screenshots, or video.
I've also added Warhammer 40000 - Chaos Gate. Good game.

Latis · 14-11-2014 [00:35 CET] 

New games!

Hello everyone. I've just added Remote Control Racers Deluxe Traxxas Edition today, and yesterday I've added The Mummy.

Furthermore I would like to thank a whole bunch of donors from the last couple of weeks. I have updated them all in the list. Thank you soooo much. \"^O^\"

Latis · 29-09-2014 [22:15 CET] 
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