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In 1997 Age of Empires was released by Microsoft and is now abandonware.

An excellent RTS game from Microsoft. I guess many of you RTS fans killed some time with this one.
Replay some of the nice levels in this shareware version of Age of Empires. If you want to play the complete game I suggest buying it at Amazon or eBay.


This is a Windows game. Sometimes it should be run on an older Windows version or at least a 32-bit Windows. You could use VMware player (free) and install an older Windows on a virtual machine. e.g. I have installed my old Windows XP 32bit on VMware. More info on that you can find over here.

Company Microsoft
Category Shareware
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Date Added 08-12-2009
Last Updated 11-05-2014
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  Posted: 4-Aug-2014 9:12

man i so miss the days when you got get good games on ms gaming zone you still play this game online on voobly google it


Posted: 2-May-2013 0:14

i finished downloading it then clicked ’run’ and it came up with ’setup is initializing, this make take a few minutes’ something like that and nothing happened


  Posted: 19-Dec-2012 15:45

Try starting the setup in compatibility mode.
I use Windows 7 64 Bit and "Windows XP Service Pack 2" worked fine.


Posted: 7-Sep-2012 7:24

Yes trial version but I couldn’t get it to install


Posted: 29-Jul-2012 3:00

if you download the game is it the trial versoin?


  Posted: 21-Mar-2012 6:41

nyc! \":\)\"


Posted: 18-Mar-2012 13:52

yhe game is fantastic. i’ve played a lot of years ago...but i don’t understand how works this site..............


Posted: 19-Oct-2011 9:35

In the current format I experienced a lot of trouble getting it to run. \"lala\"


  Posted: 2-Aug-2011 22:25

very good


Posted: 11-Jun-2011 7:56

ragazzi come si fa a giocare ???