In 1991 F-117A - Stealth Fighter 2 was released by MicroProse and is now abandonware.

Sequel of the fabulous F19. Good flight game with lots of missions and weapons to choose out. Graphics are top!


Keep in mind that this game probably only works with DOSBox; an emulator for DOS games. Click here for the latest version. For a little more info on how to start a game in DOSBox click here.

Company MicroProse
Category Flight
  23 votes
Date Added 04-04-2004
Last Updated 04-04-2004
Size 1,338 KB
Views 7293
Downloads 16211


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  Posted: 19-Jul-2012 16:59

Could never get this to run on my craptastic old pc. Finally get to play it now!!


  Posted: 17-Jun-2012 0:11

Wow. This game has INCREDIBLE graphics and animation for 1991! Seeing for 1st time. ^
Thanx a million.


  Posted: 13-Jun-2010 10:00

my 1st simulator game

Anthony A

  Posted: 5-Feb-2010 18:47

Wow, never thought i’d get the chance to play this classic again, remember this so fondly as a nipper, fantastic! thanks \":D\"

A L Graves

  Posted: 17-Feb-2009 9:04

Great old game, hours of fun.


Posted: 5-Feb-2009 21:17

Great Game


  Posted: 5-Feb-2009 10:17

...but, how can I starting the plane?...cause i cant remember the keys

Rafael Oliveras

  Posted: 15-Jan-2009 12:19

I played this game before and I like it. I would like to play it again. It is a good game.


  Posted: 2-Jan-2009 15:26



  Posted: 22-Dec-2008 3:25

Excellent game, with a great variety of missions and things to do... though the original F-19 still holds a very special place in my heart \":\)\"