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Twisted Metal 2 from the Action genre was created by SingleTrac Entertainment Technologies in 1997 and is free for you to download.

Awesome oldie where you have a large terrain in which you have to execute your opponents by firing bombs, missiles, napalm upon them. You can select from a variety of cars. In the option menu you can arrange keyboard settings.
Before playing the game run TM2.REG after that start the game with TM2.EXE
The game is for windows so no dosbox required.
I ran the game on Win XP, AMD 3200+ 2GB RAM and works just fine on it. \":D\"


This is a Windows game. Sometimes it should be run on an older Windows version or at least a 32-bit Windows. You could use VMware player (free) and install an older Windows on a virtual machine. e.g. I have installed my old Windows XP 32bit on VMware. More info on that you can find over here.

Company SingleTrac Entertainment Technologies
Category Action
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Date Added 03-11-2010
Last Updated 03-11-2010
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  Posted: 20-Aug-2014 16:47



  Posted: 16-Aug-2014 14:52

tres beuty


  Posted: 23-Jun-2014 5:27



Posted: 31-Jan-2013 20:09

Love the PC version, its graphics are so smooth compared to the PS version! Add me on Steam: tapfs, oughta play multiplayer sometime with anyone out there reading this through hamachi


  Posted: 1-Sep-2012 2:10

\"^O^\" \":\)\" \";\)\" \":P\" \":D\" \":\)\)\" :’\";\)\" \"8-\)\" \":Roll:\" \":O\" \":x\" \"^O^\" It really works


  Posted: 29-Jun-2012 0:23

This gam was my favorite but i miss it. :’(


  Posted: 11-Jun-2012 3:06

awesomethis is the coolest of allthank you very much


  Posted: 10-Jun-2012 11:33

i like it fro last 6 years


Posted: 10-Jun-2012 3:15

my sisters freind used to have it and he never let me play it but i was watching whiteboy7thst’s video and he showed me on skype and thanks to him i can now playt cant wai!!! \"^O^\" \":\{\" \":x\" \":X\" \":O\" \":Roll:\" \":\+\" \":r\" \"8-\)\" \>:\(\ \":no:\" :’( :’\";\)\" \":\)\)\" \":\)\)\" \":D\" \":D\" \":P\" \";\)\" \":\)\"

hassan kwt

Posted: 8-Jun-2012 17:20

nice nice \":\+\"