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Syndicate Wars is a Strategy game from 1996. Get it here.

After several years a sequel arrived for Syndicate; Syndicate Wars. The style is still the same kind, but with a lot of 'improvements', of which some are not that improved. When you walk through a city, you can now rotate your view, so you always see where they are walking. This is pretty desorientating and enemies walk quickly around buildings so getting them in view consists of rotating the view and enable the weapons and shoot at the same time. Can be quite frustrating. However, the graphichs and speed of the game contributes to a positive vibe of this game.
Make sure you unpack this game in C:SWARS. Other wise it could be possible the game does not work.
Run Setsound.exe to get your sound configuration.


Keep in mind that this game probably only works with DOSBox; an emulator for DOS games. Click here for the latest version. For a little more info on how to start a game in DOSBox click here.

Company Bullfrog
Category Strategy
  5 votes
Date Added 05-05-2008
Last Updated 05-05-2008
Size 37689 KB
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Downloads 33110


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  Posted: 23-Dec-2011 18:39

Graphic glitches make this game unplayable for me. Gave it 3 stars for the memories.


  Posted: 26-Dec-2010 6:12

the real deal is the first one!
however it is abusively old for todays PC. maybe using emulators like DOS-BOX. also there is news of sequal coming soon \":D\"


  Posted: 13-Aug-2010 0:45

awesome game way ahead of its time. If the consoles of the time could have supported the grphics i believe we wouldnt be talking or mentioning Rockstar games. Would have been Bullfrog taking the leed

saeed juliano

  Posted: 22-Jun-2010 8:53

tanx \"^O^\" the best gamer


  Posted: 30-May-2010 19:43

not as good as the first but worth a try, looks very old now and worse than the first i think. still good gameplay and good plot...... just a hint you need to run trough Dosbox